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 投稿者:塚本  投稿日:2013年 1月18日(金)20時25分6秒
  通報 編集済
 March 19th,Saturday,   Snowy and later fine
This was the last day, when we went to school,as students of Geiyo Senior High School.
I left home around 8.35 a.m. for school. At school, it was just before the closing ceremony and commencement exercise(*) begin,that Mr. Mizuta told me they decided to make me receive the diplpomas on behalf of all graduates.
I had stood before the principal as the first boy to receive sheep skins(graduation certificates)as a delegate. I received two certifcates ,one for excellency in scholarship for five years of Hiroshima Scond Middle School with merit of a foutain pen and another,for one year (as second year student )of Geiyo Senior High school.
I brought my lunch to school,as I thought I had to paste labels on the equipments again today.But I must go home and take lunch before 1p.m.,since Mr.Osugi said he would himself finish the work later,at home.
After the commencement exercise(*) was over,our class presented a clock to Mr. Osugi as a token of gratititudes.
    *Graduation Cermony


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